When building one of our DIY Dinoot fiberglass Camping Trailers, there are a couple of frame options. Depending on your needs and planned usage, you can use a Harbor Freight bolt-together frame or a Welded frame.

Many welded frame options are available for your home-built Dinoot off-road trailer project. We offer Welded frame kits that come with everything needed to put your trailer frame together. To build your own welded frame or have it done, we can supply you with the CAD drawings.

Call us or drop us an email and we can discuss your project from the ground up!  We offer many options and work with you to choose the options you may need for your perfect Jeep style camping trailer.


Jeep Trailer Frame 5' Jeep trailer frame shocks

Jeep Trailer Frame Options

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  1. Siva Abhishek Avala

    Trying to build a 5 by 10 frame overlanding trailer

  2. Siva Abhishek Avala

    Wondering if I can get the material myself and get it welded somewhere? I do not have a sop and my driveway is the only space I got and its dirt

  3. Contact Scott via the “Contact Us” email and we can get you set up to build your perfect trailer!

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