Jeep Trailer by Dinoot Trailers

A lot of people are talking about the trend toward compact, lightweight, budget-friendly adventure trailers. Guess who is leading the way? Dinoot Jeep Trailers!

Andy Lilienthal wrote a great article for OutdoorX4 Magazine’s Trailer-Supported Adventures section titled “Dinoot Trailers for the budget-conscious adventurer”. The article begins on page 60.  If you have a hardcopy; it is in Issue #18. The article highlights his custom sized J-series and the DIY, lightweight, have it your way nature of a Dinoot DIY Trailer.

Thanks to Andy and OutdoorX4 for a great article and sharing about us.  We appreciate all the great feedback and welcome any questions!  Contact us here.

Jeep Trailer Towed by Subaru

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