Jeep Trailer Customer Build

Jeep Trailer DIY Build

We’ve had our game changing Fiberglass Jeep Style Tub Kits on the market for a while now.  Prior to their introduction, building a matching Jeep Trailer required cutting and welding old Jeep bodies together, then days of body work.  Now, with our tub kits, building a matching Trailer is a straightforward DIY project.

With our unique approach, we offer many sources of information to help you understand how-to build one and be inspired to do so. One of those sources to help you with the planning of your trailer project and visualizing what your perfect project is, is a growing thread on the Tventuring forum; “How-to Build a Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer”. The thread has an index of build posts, an index of reviews and articles that are full of information and photos.

Jeep Trailer Customer build Dinoot Jeep Trailer Tub Kits

Jeep Trailer Fiberglass Tub Kit by Dinoot Trailers

Jeep Trailer Tub Kit by Dinoot Trailers Build your Jeep Trailer at home

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