The Size of Your Vehicle Does Not Dictate the Size of Your Adventure, Anymore!Let's Build Something
J-Series Jeep Style Trailer

J-Series Jeep Style Trailer

Our J-Series tub kits set a new standard. Previously, building a matching Jeep style trailer required cutting and welding old Jeeps together, then days of body work. Now it’s a straightforward DIY project which looks great behind more than just a Jeep.

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M416 Military Trailer Tub Kit

Our M-series tub kits take the classic M416 / M100 / M101 trailer to a whole new level, Fiberglass! No more lengthy searches and dealing with beat up, rusted out M416s for building a budget friendly camping trailer. With exclusive new parts like the M416 Trailer Receiver Tube Tongue Retrofit Kit, Wide M416 Fender your M416 Military Trailer Project will be customized and ready for the off road adventures.

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Custom Work

Modified Tubs - We can narrow or shorten Dinoots to create custom sized tub kits. Jeep Pickup – Although our focus is on trailers; a J-Series tub kit with an extra end panel can be used to build a budget “Brute” style Jeep pickup.

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No Weld Trailer Racks By Dinoot Trailer Racks

We now offer Trailer Racks by Dinoot Trailer Racks. For our dedicated DIY customers, these are offered in kits and as single Corner Brackets, Towers and Cross Bars. Trailers and Pickup Truck Beds including the Gladiator and Toyota Pickups.

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We here at Dinoot Trailers, No Weld Trailer Racks and all the parts to go with your builds, are focused on the DIY minded people. Not happy with what was offered by trailer companies, unable to find trailer racks that were strong and customizable, we made our own and now offer these products to customers to build their custom rig to match their Jeep or any towing vehicle!

Scott chaney, owner

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The size of your vehicle does not dictate the size of your adventure! Let’s build something.

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