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About Dinoot Trailers

How Dinoot Trailers Began

Things started about 15 years ago as we downsized when our daughter went to college and Hewlett Packard decided to lay me off after 28 years. We looked around to find a smaller camping trailer than our Rockwell Tent Trailer that slept six people. Of course there were only three in our family, but with two dogs it was perfect. Then, when no one made what I was looking for, I designed and made my first compact camping trailer. At campsites, everyone was curious about our unusual trailer.

So I made more and people kept buying our current trailer, so I made the Dinoot trailer kit integrating updates from what I had learned from experience. Compact Camping was born. Since then, we have expanded our line of trailers and now design and make locally, trailer racks and Pickup Truck Bed Racks.

Check out our gallery of Dinoot trailer and trailer racks here.

Its true that if you do what you love for work, its not work!

Thank you to all of our customers and potential customers. We make all of our products here in Oregon and you never know what we will think of next.

Dinoot Trailers and Trailer Racks
No Weld Trailer Racks by Dinoot Trailer Racks and Dinoot J-Series Jeep Style Trailer