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Got Plywood? Build at Home Camping Trailer!

Build at home Camping Trailer! 

Build at Home Camping Trailer - The Explorer Box

Get a copy of our Digital Download Explorer Box Camping Trailer Construction Manual, and with a few sheets of plywood, some glue and a hand full of screws, these pictures could be you out with your cool new DIY Compact Camping Trailer.

We offer the DIY Home-Builder a detailed construction manual, building supplies, a selection of folding roof top style tent units, phone support and everything in between. We have a large collection of online information available for helping home-builders visualize and understand what is involved in a project like this.   Not only articles we’ve authored to aid you in completion and enjoyment building the trailer, but an online forum, Tventuring,  where you can see builds of customer’s trailers and join in to learn and share your build and knowledge.

Get building now with a copy of the Explorer Box Camping Trailer Construction Manual.

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