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It Just Got Easier to Build Your Own Jeep Pickup

DIY Jeep Pickup Bed Kit
Build your own Jeep Pickup Truck

Build your own Jeep Pickup Truck

For a while now our Jeep Trailer J-Series tub front panels and tub kits have been available for DIY Jeep Pickup conversion projects. The Dinoot J-Series panel has a minor glitch when used as a closeout panel for Jeep pickup projects. The panel height is the same as the rear of a Jeep, which is 2 1/2″ shorter than the tub height behind the doors.

To address this, the Closeout Panel now comes as a kit. The kit includes a Dinoot J-Series Solid Front Panel and bottom right & left Extension Pieces for matching the tub height. Once the panel is attached, you fiberglass the Extension Pieces to the bottom of it. Then trim them to match the bottom of your tub.

For folks using a Dinoot J-Series tub kit as their pickup bed, can also provide an extra set of Extension Pieces for matching the bottom of the bed height in front of the tires to the tub.

For more pictures and details visit the Tventuring thread Wrangler Dinoot pickup proof-of-concept build.

5 thoughts on “It Just Got Easier to Build Your Own Jeep Pickup”

  1. I tried the link and found it to be broken as well. This looks like a Pickup Project I could really get into as soon as I finish the hot rod that’s currently occupying my garage. Do you know how much the Jeep chassis needs to be extended to accommodate the longer pickup bed?

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