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Dinoot Trailer Rack System – Two Full Rack Options!

Our new Dinoot Trailer Rack System is now officially available and customers are talking. 

Dinoot Trailer Rack System

Dinoot Trailer Rack System customer, Kyle had this to say about his No Weld Trailer Rack: “I am truly impressed with my rack. That kit is amazing!” 

Our new rack bracket system adds a budget friendly, DIY approach to building a wide range of sturdy trailer racks. Our custom utility trailer rack systems are a good fit for most trailer sizes. Just as a utility trailer they are perfect for m416 trailer rack, diy no weld truck rack with towers and trailer rack brackets.

At the core of the system are the Corner Connectors used for 90 degree joints and Base Plates for connecting the rack to the trailer. The other component is 1.5” square tubing with .120” wall.

The versatile Dinoot Trailer Rack System can be used for many different applications.  They can be configured for hauling Roof Top Tents, Kayaks, Canoes, Bikes, Paddle Boards, and whatever toys you haul.  The system has been designed to be compatible with most standard Thule and Yakima accessories.

The next point of versatility is purchase options.  We offer bracket sets through complete Dinoot Trailer Rack System kits. With a bracket set, you then purchase your tubing locally, cut pieces to length, drill holes, paint and bolt together. We can also provide tubing cut to length or kits ready to paint and bolt together.  Exclusively from Compact Camping Trailers!

Maybe something like our Dinoot Trailer Rack System customer Adam’s for taking all his toys on camping adventures. 

Dinoot Trailer Rack for all your toys
Trailer Rack System for Roof Top Tent and Kayak

Additional designs are available to meet many of your camping or multi-sport hauling needs.  Because each Dinoot Trailer Rack System kit is built to order, it is easy to adjust to your specific requirements.  The full utility trailer rack kits use our exclusively manufactured No Weld Rack corner brackets and 1.5” .120” wall square tubing.  They come with the tubing cut and drilled to the specifications for your rack, ready to paint and assemble. 

Kits Include:

  • Proper number of Corner Brackets for Dinoot Trailer Rack System design
  • Tubing cut to size with all corner joints pre-drilled
  • Hardware for assemble rack and attaching it to trailer
  • Caps of exposure tube ends

The New D-2 Complete Trailer Rack Kit is now available!

Trailer Rack Kit, D2 Heavy Duty Trailer Rack
Trailer Rack D2 by Dinoot Trailer Racks

The D2 Trailer Rack Series are an integrated solution with towers, base plates, crossbars and hardware. The easy to bolt together system only requires drilling trailer attachment holes. The CNC cut and formed crossbars are slotted for direct attachment of most folding style roof top tents.  This Trailer Rack System is easy and quick to install with no welding.

Phase 1 release has base plates designed for attachment to horizontal surfaces. The 50” crossbars are slotted for 4×5 and 4×6 Carry-on utility trailers and 48” wide trailer boxes.  Drilling holes maybe required for other applications.

The four tower / two crossbar setup supports an even distributed dynamic load of 200 lbs. and the static load of a roof top tent with occupants when setup in camp. Check the D2 Trailer Rack out here.

See our Dinoot No Weld Trailer Rack System here!

Whatever you have planned for your Compact Camping or Dinoot Trailer Racks and Trailer project, we can help! Fill out our Contact Us page here. We are happy to help you plan your Trailer Supported Adventure Rig!