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DIY Camping Trailer – The Extra Space Button

Drive the rig you enjoy by building your own!

When you need more space for away from home adventures, just hit the Extra Space Button with a DIY Camping Trailer and Dinoot Trailer Rack!

No need to size your vehicle based on the 20% of the time you need extra space.  Add the extra space only when needed for those away from home adventures in the form of a Compact Trailer. Build a trailer as a general-purpose hauler or a compact camper. With a Trailer Rack your utility trailer can do both!

They can haul any adventure gear such as; Bikes, Kayaks, Paddle Boards, ???

Being able to expand your available space with a Compact Camping Trailer makes any vehicle, even motorcycles a practical option for wherever away from home adventures take you.

With Trailer Supported Adventuring, the size of your vehicle, does not dictate the size of your adventure … anymore.

2 thoughts on “DIY Camping Trailer – The Extra Space Button”

  1. It doesn’t matter how small or big your vehicle are, the trailer can carry lots of loads during your every trip.
    BTW, like your images, those images are just way too cool.

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