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M416 Trailer Transformer!

M416 Trailer Tub Kit


M416 Trailer Tub Kit by Dinoot TrailersExcitement begins when the delivery truck drops a Full Dinoot Trailer Tub Kit pallet in front of your garage with a welded trailer frame kit, hand laid fiberglass trailer tub kit and other miscellaneous trailer parts.

Then your DIY project is to turn the pile of parts into a Jeep or M416 style trailer.

In Mark’s case, he added a few extras to it and a few days later his Dinoot M-Series M416 style trailer kit is transformed into this.

M416 Trailer Tub Kit by Dinoot Trailers Customer Build

Great job, Mark!  Thanks for sharing your awesome project. We appreciate customer photos and stories about our Jeep Style Trailer Tub Kits!

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