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Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks, Part 3

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Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks

We are very happy with how the Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks prototype (no customer welding required) DIY trailer rack has gone together. Once the two hoops and connector bars are bolted together, you get a nice solid structure. I initially used button head bolts for assembling the trailer rack. Will most likely switch to hex head for applying more torque to ensure vibrations can’t loosen anything.

As mentioned earlier; we configured the modular bolt together trailer racks prototype in my demo Dinoot as an inside the tub Roof Top Tent rack. This trailer rack approach makes it easy to create racks tailored to many applications.

We have been testing the modular bolt together trailer racks prototype.

over the past few weeks. Logging lots of miles with the trailer in tow and roof top tent on the rack. Even taking it out on a few camping outings. Testing is going very smoothly with only a few minor tweaks needed.

Ready to do a few pre-production setups. Looking for a few early adopters, specifically ones able to make their own rack using a bracket set. Also some local folks with different configuration / rack type needs where we can work out rack details on their trailer. If you are interested, drop me a message Provide a brief description of your planned rack and include a picture of your trailer.

Just so there is no confusion, we are not giving away racks. For being an early adopter, you will get a great deal.

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