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Trailer Rack Modular Bolt Together, Part 1

I’ve begun prototyping a new trailer rack concept.

The idea is taking a modular, bolt together approach to create a versatile system adaptable to many trailer applications.  The focus is a design for DIYers so they can use a small collection of components to create rack setups tailored to their needs.  I envision working out the details and having a “complete” package solution available as well.

The trailer racks will work for many applications, however initially, I’m thinking about Roof Top Tents.  Another area is watercraft; Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards, small Sailing Dinghies / Boats … Also having racks to set up a trailer for hauling bicycles.  We will be looking at having the racks compatible with most of the standard Thule and Yakima accessories.

Interested in hearing about other application ideas people might have – send them on!

The first rack I’ll be making is a Roof Top Tent product for my demo J-Series Dinoot Trailer.

Check out the trailer rack here. Subsequent posts about the progress and new racks are here.

Dinoot Trailer Rack
No Weld Trailer Racks by Dinoot Trailer Racks and Dinoot J-Series Jeep Style Trailer

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