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Trailer Rack Bolt Together Trailer Racks, Part 2

Beginning to  work on my new trailer rack concept prototype for my demo Dinoot Trailer.

Yesterday I cut all the tubing pieces to size and started test fitting. As is the nature of prototyping; found a hiccup with the first batch of Corner Connectors. Luckily it was quick and easy to resolve.

Got the trailer rack mocked up on my demo Dinoot. I envision being able to easily make inside or outside tub trailer racks. Also racks for many types of trailers, Dinoot, M416, Utility, Harbor Freight frame based, Teardrop, let me know your application ideas.

This one is about 16″ above the tub, 53″ long and 47″ wide. The base plates have stubs welded to them that the upright tubes fit over. All the joints will be held together with a special corner bracket.  Plugs will finish off the open tube end.

For more details, follow my Tventuring thread on the topic, Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks.

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