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Got Removable Trailer Side Table?

When camping off the beaten path, extra counter space for food prep, cooking, etc comes in handy, especially with trailers.

We’ve put together a Removable Trailer Side Table kit with all the hardware needed to make your own removable trailer side table. The Kit includes a two-piece attachment bracket, adjustable leg and a leg retainer.

There are many materials you could use for making the table top. I normally use 3/8” Baltic Birch with a 1×1 clear grain Pine or Poplar perimeter.

Make the side tables to run lengthwise along your trailer or perpendicular.

The leg adjusts from 27″ – 44″ and has a strong flip lock adjuster.  You simply attach the pivot bracket to your table bottom and then the leg assembly to that.

It’s a nice addition when you camp where there are no picnic tables and even if you do, its nice to have that extra table space that is level and secure.  It’s quick to put together and very handy for extra space when off-road camping with your Explorer Box, Dinoot Jeep Trailer, RV or Camper.

Here are some examples, get yours here.

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