Got Ammo Cans?

Amazingly enough, we’ve found ammo cans make great storage containers for camping trailers. ¬† They’re sturdy, weatherproof, inexpensive and come in many sizes. There is an interesting thread on Tventuring¬† with examples of ammo can use with camping trailers and the different sizes at the Ammo Can Idea Thread. Do you use them? Join in

M416 M100 Military Trailer Dinoot Trailer M-Series Model

DIY Roof Top Tent Ideas

Here are some vintage Car Tent / Roof Top Tent building ideas from Popular Science to spark your DIY creative juices, Click here for the article. Even this long ago innovators were attempting to help people get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Of course the roof top tents have come a long way Рits

Roof Top Tent Sheets

Now we have a way to take that comfort up a notch, with bedding just like at home!