Compact Camping and Dinoot Jeep Trailer Customer Build and Visitor

With Compact Camping You Meet Some Interesting Characters!

Compact Camping Trailers are unique and they tend to attract attention.  You never know who might wander into your camp to ask questions or looking to bum a side of beef. Here is one of our customers, Douglas, who ran into quite the character when out with the Dinoot Jeep Trailer he built.

Jeep Trailer by Dinoot Trailer Christmas

Trailer Supported Christmas

How many people decorate (trailers) for Christmas?  We thought we were the only ones that made Lego Dinoot Jeep Style trailer Christmas scenes.  But our customer, Kyle, out did us on a grand scale. Kyle went all out this year decorating his Jeep and matching Dinoot Jeep Trailer.  It brings a smile to our faces and we

Jeep Trailer Towed by Subaru

The Extra Space Button

Drive the rig you enjoy! When you need more space for away from home adventures, just hit the Extra Space Button! No need to size your vehicle based on the 20% of the time you need extra space.  Add the extra space only when needed for those away from home adventures in the form of