How-to Build a Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer

Jeep Trailer DIY Build We’ve had our game changing Fiberglass Jeep Style Tub Kits on the market for a while now. ¬†Prior to their introduction, building a matching Jeep Trailer required cutting and welding old Jeep bodies together, then days of body work. ¬†Now, with our tub kits, building a matching Trailer is a straightforward

How-To Build an M416 Camping Trailer

See our Models Page for more information. We designed our Dinoot M-Series M416 camping trailer tub kits to have the same 40.5″ width that a M416 trailer has to be used as replacement tubs.  This also makes them the same width as a Harbor Freight 40.5″ x 48″ frame kit.  The Harbor Freight frames are