Compact Camping and Dinoot Jeep Trailer Customer Build and Visitor

With Compact Camping You Meet Some Interesting Characters!

Compact Camping Trailers are unique and they tend to attract attention.  You never know who might wander into your camp to ask questions or looking to bum a side of beef. Here is one of our customers, Douglas, who ran into quite the character when out with the Dinoot Jeep Trailer he built.

Jeep Trailer Rack No Weld DIY

The No Weld Trailer Rack System

Our No Weld Trailer Rack System makes it easy for DIYers to build sturdy trailer racks tailored to their needs. At the core of the system are the Corner Connectors used for 90 degree joints and Base Plates for connecting the rack to the trailer. The other component is 1.5” square tubing with .120” wall. A

Camping Trailer Light LED Ambient

Trailer Lighting LED Ambient Lights

Trailer Lighting, Tent Lights, Campsite Lights These low draw, compact surface mount LED lights add a just enough light without being overpowering.  Simple to attach with a couple of screws.  Illuminate your trailer and campsite without harsh beams, with the ambient trailer lighting you’ll find it easier to enter your trailer or roof top tent.