Modified Tubs – Dinoot Trailer Custom Work

Dinoot Trailer Custom Work Jeep Trailer

Dinoot Trailer Custom Work means we can narrow and/or shorten Dinoots to create custom sized tub kits. A “Micro” sized tub kit would work nicely for a two-seater or subcompact vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, Side-by-Sides, and more.


Many reduced size Micro tubs can be used on a Harbor Freight 48” x 40.5” bolt-together frame kit.  All standard accessories, including soft tonneau covers, work on modified tubs.

Jeep Pickup

Although our focus is on trailers; a J-Series tub kit with an extra solid end panel could be used to build a budget “Brute” style Jeep pickup. Here is a thread discussing the how-to information and prototyping key aspects of the custom work using the Dinoot components, Wrangler / Dinoot Pickup proof-of-concept build.