How-To Build an M416 Camping Trailer

See our Models Page for more information. We designed our Dinoot M-Series M416 camping trailer tub kits to have the same 40.5″ width that a M416 trailer has to be used as replacement tubs.  This also makes them the same width as a Harbor Freight 40.5″ x 48″ frame kit.  The Harbor Freight frames are

M416 Dinoot M-Series Trailer

M-Series Dinoot The M416 Dinoot M-Series Trailer will be a basic roller with a unique baggage door style tailgate. Tub will be in the standard black paint prep ready gelcoat, with a Harbor Freight frame, ride on 15” wheels and have round fenders. Will look similar to the picture. We are ready to build an

Jeep Trailer J-Series

Jeep Trailer J-Series Features DIY friendly, “have it your way” approach to building Adventures Can be built and upgraded incrementally over time to spread out the cost Equally at home behind your Jeep™ off-road, or Subaru™ in the mountains Available in two sizes; 4 1/2′ long Compact and 6 1/2′ long Extended The Compact is